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  • Offering a variety of cloud, internal cloud, SaaS and PaaS solutions.


    Our solutions have been built in response to real-world requirements to our customers information management needs.

    Our products simplify an array of communication, collaboration and data management requirements with user-friendly interfaces that administrators and users (staff) can get to grips with quickly.

    We pride ourselves on providing extremely usable, technically superior solutions using the latest web technologies and standards to provide our customers with robust, future-proof software and services.

    Our team quite literally have a passion to stay on top of their game and provide powerful, user-friendly software that is ideal for SMEs in terms of pricing and flexibility.

    We understand the power of "plain english" and that's what we aim to provide in our software, our website content and our marketing material. If any documentation of a more technical nature is required on any of our products or services don't hesitate to contact us.
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    Home of Cloud CCP our exclusive SaaS

    Cloud CCP (Cloud Communication & Collaboration Platform) is our one-stop web-based platform that is great for collaborating on, and managing content for your staff or clients of any industry. Provide your staff or clients with a professional, secure workspace in which you can collaborate on information and resources together.

    Forget having scattered files in multiple drop boxes and email attachments, or requiring your customers to have a Google or Microsoft account to access their content. Cloud CCP gives you a platform where you can throw everything, and engage with your staff or clients.

    Our partners like to include Cloud CCP in their proposals as their workspace of choice. Because it's just great, and mutually beneficial financially.

  • We have a range of secure
    cloud content management
    and collaboration platforms
    for various industry sectors
    with flexible, scalable,
    contract-free pricing.
    We can provide the hosted infrastructure,
    or we can install our software on yours.

    Information Management, made easy

    We have developed a range of software-as-a-service products that provide your establishment with an enterprise-class, secure collaboration platform for managing information.

    Our platforms have a wealth of easy-to-use and manageable features, a few of which are listed to the right. We've made it easy to downgrade, upgrade or cancel subscriptions from within the system, without the need to get hold of one of our team.

    Our products are listed further down...

    Cloud Packages

    Our cloud packages are hosted on co-location servers, managed by us. You don't have to worry about hardware, configuration, security, backup as we take care of this. If you require technical specifications on our cloud servers, don't hesitate to contact
    enquiries at symbol usabilitysoft dot symbol com

    Internal Cloud (LAN Packages)

    We can manage the hardware or leave that to you, our leading platform Cloud CCP can run on your existing Windows Server infrastructure.

    Try for yourself

    Don't hesitate to refer your Communications Manager, or appropriate colleague and ask them to give it a try. If you think it would be useful for your clients, we all benefit from the ongoing subscription model, speak to us for more details.

    Collaborate and connect with colleagues worldwide. Cut costs and improve on information management with UsabilitySoft's exclusive SaaS Cloud CCP.

    SaaS here and available now.

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    Cloud CCP is our one-stop platform that is great for collaborating on, and managing content for any industry. Great features, instantly accessible, try it now.


  • We are happy to help you review your requirements and propose suitable solutions. Well informed, free consultation.

    Web Solutions

    We have some very talented developers and system architects with a wide variety of skills. This means that we really can give you the best possible solution to suit your needs.

    Node.JS Server Technology Angular JS Microsoft .net Technology Microsoft SQL Server Logo Oracle Logo SalesForce CRM


    Bespoke Programming for End-to-end Solutions

    We pride ourselves on being platform agnostic which means we are happy to supply solutions on a range of technology stacks.

    We have a great understanding of Node, Microsoft and Linux server technology stacks so that we can offer solutions based on the best technology for your requirements now and into the future.

    We can build interfaces that connect and communicate with your backend databases and APIs.

    We have built industry-leading mobile apps for our clients using native technologies on iOS and Android.

    We have been developing database solutions for decades and are happy to specify, configure and work with your team on infrastructure requirements.
    Native Mobile Platforms React Native App Development Appcelerator Native App Development

    Native Mobile

    We have used a range of frameworks to develop hugely successful native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps for our clients.

    Super-responsive, great looking, cloud-connected apps for tablets and smartphones.
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    Open Source CMS Solutions

    We are up-to-speed with the latest open source content management platforms, their strengths and weaknesses.
    Angular JS jQuery Logo Asychronous JavaScript and XML

    Front-end and Usability

    It's in our name; it's what we stand for. We use the latest usability technologies and techniques allowing for a more responsive and user-focused, user experience. This is gained through usability testing, strong information architecture patterns (IA), client-side techniques such as Angular, jQuery, AJAX, and of course customer feedback.

    We cleanse frustration for users and administrators alike.
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    We follow proven, secure data architectural practices and test-driven development (TDD) programming processes.

    We have access to the talent and resources that we need to deliver and support solutions that add to busines value. We keep up-to-date with the latest software and technologies to keep us ahead of our game, so our solutions meet the grade.
    Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Active Directoty Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Microsoft Cloud or Internal Cloud Solutions

    We have developed solutions based on Dynamics CRM, with Office 365 integration.
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                    W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0     Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional    Valid CSS!


    We can ensure that our solutions adhere to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines for HTML mark-up. This means that your system (and potentially the content you produce) can follow a format that is widely acceptable and compatible with devices such as screen-readers.

    This all helps towards Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) guidelines. For more information on the W3C guidelines, please visit


  • Additional revenue streams,
    with great margins,
    out of the box.
    We look to build mutually beneficial relationships.

    Platform Partners

    We have some great cloud-based software in place (check out Cloud CCP for example). There are mutually-beneficial opportunities if you wish to include our software in your proposals, and use it to provide content, collaborate, and engage with your clients.

    We have a range of content snippets that are great to use in proposals, and we can show you how you can tailor our solutions to meet both yours, and your clients needs, and guess what we all benefit financially from the subscription model.

    Sales Partners

    We have innovative new cloud software solutions available at competitive reseller rates, with the promotional material to help you on your way. Our solutions are easily rebranded to ensure that our platforms look like yours.

    Hosting Partners

    We are continually looking for hosting partners that wish to offer their infrastructure to host our cloud software to their clients, hosting our software gives our hosting partners greater accessibility to the infrastructure that our cloud platforms run on.

    Having a range of hosting partners on board enables us to offer a greater variety of options to our potential clients.

    • We have a range of promotional literature with spaces for branding, available on request.
    • Our cloud software is written in-house so all rights are wholly owned by UsabilitySoft Ltd, giving us the flexibility to work with you to prepare a solution that is right for your clients.

    Feel free to register for a Cloud CCP trial account to see what our software-as-a-service is all about.

    Interested? don't hesitate to contact our Partnership Relations Manager, Rupert Tinker rtat symbolusabilitysoftdot symbolcom .

  • Premium solutions,
    premium service.
    With friendly support when you need it.

    Contact UsabilitySoft

    We welcome feedback, comments, and questions. Don't hesitate to contact us by any of the means below.

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